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Our site got a little makeover! You can view our designers stories at www.swtr.co ✨💕

photographed by Damien Fry for Simply #3
Look who loves our lookbook! @afickledream_  #swtrdotco #fluffmonstersinatra
Oleg Oprisco 
Who made your clothes? Supporting fashion revolution day in our designer Layla Racy’s dress! Don’t forget one year ago today thousands of people in Bangladesh died in the garment factory making clothes. What you wear tells a story about who you are. Wear your clothes #insideout today! @fash_rev
Happy Earth day! 🌎🌱 Our designers do good for our environment by reusing, recycling vintage fabrics to make their clothing. And everything is made from love. 💕💖 Don’t forget that fashion trends come and go, causing us to throw almost 2 million tons of textiles and clothing into the landfills EACH YEAR. 😱 Do good by donating your old clothes and shop consciously! #earthday #fashion #sustsinability #loveourearth #shopsmart #consciousfashion #myswtrstory
@janelleanne_  lookin good in our Phlemuns denim jersey shirt! Pre-order yours now! Swtr.co@gmail.com

Photographed by Jasper Abels for David Laport
Our spring summer lookbooks are done! If you’re in NYC, come get a copy at the SVA theater this Tuesday, April 15, where I and a bunch of my incredible classmates will be presenting their thesis projects!   👉 RSVP here: design.sva.edu/venture 😊